Magi Picture 2


Some more pics of Magi anime.


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Magi Pictures 1


Lately I’ve been too busy with university, but today I had the chance to post a new post!

Some pictures of Magi anime. I got most of them from minitokyo . I really love this anime. Specially Sindbad! And I’m soooo happy that “Adventures of Sindbad” is being made and released!


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Korean Drama Review: BRAIN

I’m watching this drama (Brain) at the moment and I found this great review about it which is actually filled with my own thoughts and emotions for the series. So I decided to share it with u all.


Since I’m in between jobs right now, I recently picked up this Korean medical drama called Brain. It’s from KBS2, and it stars Shin Ha Kyung. It was shown in 2011, and when I was trying to find a review of it on the internet, I couldn’t find any. I found this disappointing as dramas far less outstanding than Brain receive a whole slew of reviews every day. I felt that it was my responsibility to come up with a review for it, but as I haven’t reviewed dramas or movies that much, I doubt I’ll be able to come up with a detailed and comprehensive article. But I’m going to do my best.

Brain is a drama about neurosurgeons. But not neurosurgeons and their daily lives in general. It focuses on a neurosurgeon, the protagonist/antagonist of our drama. His name is Lee Gang Hun (played by Shin Ha Kyung…

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Seiyuu 4 : Sakurai Takahiro

Hello there,

This post is about another great voice actor, Sakurai Takahiro 櫻井孝宏 .

If I’m not mistaken, the first time I heard his voice was in Bleach , as Kira Izuru. I thought Kira’s character was really pathetic. poor thing was used and then thrown away by Ichimaru Gin (OH, the dear Yusa Koji) . I wasn’t really in to the seiyuus and their voices back then. I just watched animes and enjoyed them. happy old days! because nowadays when I watch anime, I have to know where I’ve heard the voices before, and I can’t get them out of my head until I wether remember or search the net and find out. ehem…

Anyway. I actually recognized his voice as Cloud Strife in “FFVII: Advent Chidlren”. ’cause I followed the progress on that Movie really closely and when the voice actors were revealed I went to look for them and see whether I’ve heard their voices before or not. And that was when I got to know him.

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